WCI Studios

San Diego

Casting Service, Audition Space and Studio

*On Camera Classes*
Classes are limited to 8 people so you can get you time in and start allowing this thing to be second nature and 80% of the classes are on camera so you don't have to take my word for it- you can see the truth.

Frozen Reading Exercises, Improv & Specialized Classes
The remaining 20% of classes are off camera in order to work something repetitiously and build instinct and habits - good habits.

*High Energy Classes*
You are going to look forward to your time every week instead of it being drudgery. Your class will be a balance of fun and discipline, humor and drama, philosophy and work (play).

Each student works on what they need to work on not what the class needs to work on. Got an audition? Bring it in and we'll work on it. Monologue? Bring it or I'll give you one.

WCI will provide all your material. No spending hours watching movies and transcribing dialogue and trying to forget what the star did in the movie. You will receive material you have never seen before and go to work on it because that is the way it is in the business. 



  1. on January 22 Jourdan Jackson

    Just showing some love. For anyone who doesn't know him, Billy is absolutely amazing and we couldn't be happier to know him. We attribute Jourdan's first major film role and her confidence and motivation to his coaching. He has wonderful technique that takes the "acting" out of acting and has made learning fun while gently pushing Jourdan to get the best out of herself.

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