Studio Mystique

Paid Short Film in Development

Lucy Nicholls returns home to the Minnesotan greatlands, following her mother's emotional call for help, finding out that Lucy's father is bed-ridden and nearing death. Sitting by her ailing father's bedside, Lucy recollects on the life he led, beginning in her parents' meeting in a small jazz club in the 1950s, to her mother's mental fracture in the '80s, to the modern day. She struggles to come to terms with the passing of the one figure that held the entire family together, and tries to understand how she—on behalf of the family—will continue on without him. Lucy is surrounded by extra emotional strains: her impetuous sister, Lily, who points blame rather than remedying situations; her brother Marc, who tries to sees the positive light in everything, to a point where he is completely blind to what's going on under his very eyes; and her disjointed mother, Barbara, who is torn apart but who sees things as they are, and is the only one who can help Lucy to understand how to cope and move on without her father.

(Links and more details will be posted as it becomes available. Currently in writing phase.)

Team Credits

Positions Available: Sound Mixer Boom Operator Sound Designer +13 more


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