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My name is Ethan Ahlin and me and my partner, Richard Squire, have created a tv animation series. We are partnered up with Lumenas Studios who has a film out with Walden Media and another one with Lionsgate. They are backing us up and helping us produce this show. Below is the synopsis.

The Riddles (Pilot) 

Tinkersville is a steam punk style town made up of toys. Every year, Ed Tinker, toy maker and founder, unveils a new toy for the town;s museum. When the toy is stolen, everyone panics to find it and calls upon the help of the Riddle family. Aside his wacky parents, Mike Riddle, puts his sherlock holmes mind to the test to find the missing toy. UsingTinker's time machine, Mike travels back through time to find clues and discovers something dark and leads him and his friends down a path of danger and mystery.  Join the Riddles as in each episode they embark on wacky adventures, get chased by badly tempered monsters, travel through time, encounter Black Beard's ghost, explore a golden city, confront the armies of the dead in Camelot, among other adventures, and all on a school night. Fan-Tinker-Tastic! 
As of now, we have Rob 
Paulsen, (Yakko-Animaniacs) Sean Astin (Sam Wise-Lord of the Rings), Beverly D Angelo (Mrs Griswald-National Lampoons Vacation movies) Drake Bell (Drake-Drake and Josh) E. E. Bell (CSI, Bones) and Daemon Clarke (Cell-Dragonball Z) all attached. It is a steam punk sherlock holmes with a supernatural twist. 

What we need is a producer or someone who is connected to investments so we can continue development of our show and push it into production. If you are interested in investing in an animation project, please let me know. Our partners can provide you with anything that you need to see to help. Thank you for your time.


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