My Days in the Traveling Circus

ONE Space Productions with Malafama Films

Credit Only Feature Film in PostProduction

A 60 minutes documentary about the journey of a small, independent traveling circus in the Bolivian rainforest.
We are now in post-production and have key roles filled, but may need some auxiliary assistance.

Ariel is an award-winning emerging documentary filmmaker who won best emerging director at the New York International Film Festival for his last documentary, Waqaynan,

We are also in development for Ariel's next documentary, Tierra De Nadie, also to be shot in Bolivia. If you are interested in this sort of work and in working from a distance (in the USA) as an auxiliary support to production/post-production or happen to live in Bolivia part of the time, please contact us to make the connection for this film and possibly there will be more work for you on the next.
[email protected]

Team Credits

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Positions Available: Sound Editor Film Editor Colorist


  1. on July 22 JONNY LEWIS

    looks wonderful!

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