The Con of Wrath

Mystar Media in association with Swords and Circuitry Studios

Credit Only Feature Film in Production

This is the story of the first all-cast Star Trek convention. Billed as the "ULTIMATE FANTASY", it was to feature laser shows, orchestral hoopla, and an elaborate revolving arena stage...nearly all of which went disasterously wrong. Fans found themselves kicked out of their unpaid-for hotel rooms, dealers passed the hat to keep the doors open, and unsuspecting movie stars found themselves working side by side with organizers and fans to save the most memorable convention in Star Trek history.

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  1. on July 15 Robert Cox

    I remember that Con. I thought the people running it (and thankfully, one of them wasnt me) were going to tear their hair out. It was a huge disaster, right up there with William Shatner singing (almost) "Rocketman" at the Academy of Sci-Fi presentations ( and Televised unfortunately)

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