Blue Bus Collective 48 Hour Film Project

Nick Steklov

Completed Short Film

Its a 48 hour marathon to make a short movie!  There are about 50 teams in San Diego that will be competing this year. The teams range in number of members and levels of experience, but everyone is coming together to basically have a lot of fun making a movie together for 2 days.  The movies will be screened at the UltraStar Hazard Center theaters.
This is our first year participating in the 48 Hour Film Project and we are looking to push our comfort zone, take pride in our work, learn something new, and more than anything else have a great time together for 2 days.  Right now we are looking to add new members, especially 
editors, camera and sound operators and a director of photography.
If you are interested, please contact me ASAP!! The competition is only a week away and we are quickly solidifying our collective!
Also check us out (and like us!) on Facebook!

Team Credits


  1. on September 29 Eva Pfaff

    Where can I watch the finished film?

  2. on January 2 Jeffery Beach

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