Bad Decision

BL Productions

Credit Only Short Film in PreProduction

The nine page script log line is:  When Mitch lies to his landlord, Stanley, about his inability to pay the rent, he unknowingly becomes an accessory to violence inflicted on an innocent man.

Currently titled: Bad Decision.         For the script, e-mail [email protected]

Mitch--the tenant
Stanley--the landlord
Roberto--employees of Stanley
Jeremy--innocent man--carpet cleaner
Katie--Jeremy's girlfriend
Sally--Mitch's girlfriend
Janice--Stanley's Secretary
Tom--friends of Mitch

Team Credits

Positions Available: Executive Producer Sound Mixer Boom Operator +5 more


  1. on April 22 Greg Lefevre

    I would love to be considered. Happy to read for you any time.

  2. on April 23 jamie henkin

    I would like to read for this project.

  3. on July 13 Emily Pate

    I'd be happy to read for this project!

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