13 Ways The World May End Tomorrow


Credit Only Music Video in Production

Music video for an industrial-electronic-trip-hop-rock band based out of San Diego, California. THEOKRATS is an established band, formed in 2004 in the Chicagoland area, now based out of San Diego. We are in the studio now finishing up our 2nd album which will be sold on 38 websites worldwide. We want to make 1 or more music videos for the song(s) on our new album "13 Ways The World May End Tomorrow". The plan is to make a 3-5 minute "viral shock rock video" with thought-provoking images to go with one of our songs. You can listen to our previously released album "Blasphemers" (which is currently sold on over 30 websites worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic) if you would like , we will email you a free mp3 album for your review... We want to make a gorgeous, shocking video and upload it to the grid via youtube and other video hosting sites... We look forward to hearing from visual people of all sorts -- we also welcome out-of-the-area artists in other locations, as it is not necessary to meet in person.. (non-paying project, copy and credit with post-distrubution profit-sharing)

Team Credits

Positions Available: Executive Producer Producer Director +41 more


  1. on September 9 Jim Gifford

    Give me the footage, give me the song, and I'll make a music video baby. That sounded wrong, and is also why I am not writing this.

    Oh, yeah, and give me a screenplay.

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