Zara Altair


Writer and Script Supervisor

Zara Altair is a
screenwriter. She has been writing for years and started writing screenplays in
the last five years.

Zara offers script analysis and script doctor services to
industry professionals. Her blog, The Story Bodyguard , offers
practical, real-life tips for aspiring writers.

For years Zara worked as a published poet with California
Poets-in-the-Schools. As a poet she gave hundreds of readings and performances
throughout northern California. She originated the multi-artist program with
the California Arts Council incorporating sculptors, painters, animators, writers,
and musicians in school curriculum. Later she was awarded a grant from the
California Senate to design a replicable model to incorporate arts in public
school programs. The model was used in Los Angeles and Oakland, as well as
other cities in California.

Zara currently works with Three Tuxedos Films.

Current films.

Dumped: co-written with Joe McGaha. Comedy. Now in

CAT MAN DO: Work in Progress with co-writer Joe McGaha.
Fantasy Comedy.

Heaven: Work in Progress. Police Drama.

In 2012 Zara will
join the writing team for Persona, the world's first ongoing soap opera for

Speculative Works in

Emperor: A biographical fiction of Justinian and Theodora.
TV mini-series.

White Mouse: World War II spy feature.

High End Run: Action/Adventure feature.

Contact Zara:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @ZaraAltair

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