Tara Clark

AFTRA, Other Labor Union

Actor, Producer, Writer and Executive Producer

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This filmmaker needs to apply to some projects!


  1. on September 16 JONNY LEWIS

    weird commercial, but nice job!i get that she needs glasses, though :)

  2. on September 24 Tara Clark

    Thanks Jonny... this is my national commercial for Sears Optical... still running in the US and Canada after 2 years... kind of proud of that :)

  3. on February 5 Randy Davison

    I love that commercial! Cracks me up every time I see it!

  4. on August 29 Tara Clark

    Thanks Randy...

  5. on August 29 Tara Clark

    Michael would like to work on your film project with you...

  6. on March 8 Julie Kramer

    Wow! I love this commercial! I remember saying "this is my new favorite commercial" ha ha. It also reminds me of the Brady Bunch house.

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