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I proudly produced the Amalgamated Grommets' 2011 entry to the Producer's Guild Weekend Shorts competition, "Fall From Grace".  I was also proud to produce the Grommets' award winning "What's Your Fantasy" for the 2011 48 Hour Film Project.  

I assisted the Grommets in 2010 with their winning 48 Hour Film Project entry, "The Fatal Heir", which screened at the Cannes Film Festival.  I also assisted Mike Brueggemeyer and Bill Bork at a local commercial shoot for Dan Obst Advertising.  I also assisted Ralph Cheney and Bill on a promotional clip for the San Diego Symphony.  

I bring a lot of left brain skills to the set.  I am cool as a cucumber while juggling a multitude of tasks.  I've been told that I do a better job than some full time producers.  

Call me for your evening or weekend projects. 


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  1. on July 27 Eva Pfaff

    The Fatal Error was fantastic! I'm so glad you guys got to share it at the Filmmakers Group! It got me excited, and I'm not even in the 48 hr contest. Thanks for sharing!

  2. on July 27 Eva Pfaff

    eh herm....Heir*

  3. on August 12 JONNY LEWIS

    hi sherri!congrats on "fatal heir."i had a great time doing the 48 this past weekend with the blue bus collective.cheersjonny

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