Scott Wenger


Writer, Director and Producer

I am the founder and head of Solar Light Films. I love great stories in all their forms.


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  1. Zombie Man

    Zombie Man

    Solar Light Films

    Zombie Man Photo Gallery Zombie Man Kickstarter Campaign Zombie Man Vimeo Video Zombie Man Twitter Profile Zombie Man Blog Zombie Man IMDB Profile

    Director, Writer, Executive Producer
  2. SLF Intro

    SLF Intro

    Solar Light Films

    SLF Intro is a Paid Film Project SLF Intro Photo Gallery SLF Intro Vimeo Video SLF Intro Twitter Profile

    Writer, Director
  3. Coder God

    Coder God

    Solar Light Films

    Coder God Photo Gallery Coder God Twitter Profile

  4. Code Duello

    Code Duello

    Solar Light Films

    Code Duello Photo Gallery Code Duello Vimeo Video Code Duello Twitter Profile

    Director, Colorist, Producer
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Received Recommendations

  1. on September 14 Pia Thrasher

    Whatever Scott is committed to, he'll be dedicated and absolutely reliable. He'd make a great member on any professional team and I highly recommend him. Plus, he made this website = WIN! :)

  2. on September 13 Eva Pfaff

    I have enjoyed working with Scott on several projects. He is a driven filmmaker with innovative stories. If he says he's going to create something, he will.


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