Robert Hall


Voice Over, Actor, Writer and Producer

Robert Hall (Writer/Actor/Producer) is the co-founder of Solar Light Films. He has a propensity for voices having an extremely wide range with all manner of accents. Robert has used his voice acting skill in corporate training videos and as the narrator for "Zombie Man" but would like to expand. He is an Army combat veteran and lover of all things creative. He specializes in graphic design, oil painting, carving, and pyrography and has sold many pieces. His greatest creation is his two sons, Ethan and Remington, who are in fact, monsters. He has an interesting personal story which has been featured in Glamour magazine as well as earning an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show. To pay the bills, Robert works as an Account Manager in the health care industry and is also on the board of directors for a pediatric surgical non profit organization called ConnectMed International.


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    Writer, Actor, Producer, Voice Over


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