Robert Cox


Writer, Costume Designer, Construction and Set Designer

My name is
Robert Cox. I reside in San Diego, California. I have written in various genres
since my teen age years, notably in scientific journals and business
publications, as well as plays, opera librettos and short stories.  In the past, I have sent ideas to various
television shows in the form of synopses and treatments, and scripts, and had
several considered.  I hold a BA in
English as well as a BA in music and a Masters in Botany.

I have
completed seven scripts and have sent four out to various contests. Five of
them are full length films, while the two others are shorts. One of the full
length scripts is a Supernatural/Thriller, the second is a Sci-Fi Romantic
Comedy, the third is a Fantasy/Drama Teleplay and the fourth is a Dramatic
Comedy. The fifth is a romantic comedy. One of the shorts is a Fantasy/Drama
while the other is a Sword and Sorcery /Fantasy. As you can see, I am not
'married' to one particular genre, but enjoy writing in all genre types.

The short
"The Door", the Fantasy/Drama, won best short screenplay at the GIAA
Film Festival, been in the finals of Scriptsavvy, placed fourth in the Skyfest
Film Festival, is an official selection of the George Lindsey UNA film festival
screenplay contest as well as an honorable mention at the Los Angeles Reel Film
Festival. This script also placed first runner up at The New American
Screenplay Contest. This short script has been recently been expanded into a

Supernatural/Thriller, 'Haunting of Reactor 5' was in the quarter finals of the
Golden Brad awards and was an honorable mention in Screen Writer show case and
fourth at the Skyfest film festival. It wa also an official selection from the
Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

 The Dramatic Comedy "Something in
Common" (formerly called Cyrano) placed in the semi-finals of the One in
Ten Screenplay  Contest and placed fourth
at the Skyfest film festival.

I am
currently working on several other scripts, a feature length action/thriller, a
feature length romantic comedy and feature length sci-fi.

You can also
visit my website at:

Thank you
for your time,

Robert Cox


[email protected]

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