richard proppe


Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Digital Imaging Technician and Art Director

I have enjoyed the art of photography for nearly twenty years. In that time my personal styles and influences have been numerous and continue to evolve and refine. My current passion is framing and compostion and using light as a painter uses a brush. I truely believe that film or image is only as good as the story being told. However, it is the duty of the cinematographer/photographer to bring this story to life in the eyes of the viewer. To put them there into the story and not simply watching a screen in a dark theatre. i want my images to cause amnesia and euphoria. haha!


Filmkin Credits

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This filmmaker needs to apply to some projects!


  1. on July 22 Eva Pfaff

    " i want my images to cause amnesia and euphoria. haha!" :) I'd be willing to endure those symptoms if you don't mind posting some images.

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