Neal Hallford


Director, Writer, Film Editor and Camera Operator

Film making is my passion. After discovering Cinemagic magazine in 1979, I began terrorizing my neighborhood with a Super8 movie camera while I cranked out 3 minute epics filled with zombies, spaceships, and laser beams hand scratched onto miles of film. When at last the digital revolution made it possible to rival the production values of Hollywood, I popped for an HVX200 and returned to my creative roots. Since then I've been producing documentaries and am at work on my first feature film.
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Filmkin Credits

  1. The Con of Wrath

    The Con of Wrath

    Mystar Media in association with Swords and Circuitry Studios

    The Con of Wrath YouTube Video

    Director of Photography
  2. Witch Creek

    Witch Creek

    Swords & Circuitry Studios

    Witch Creek Vimeo Video Witch Creek Twitter Profile

    Executive Producer
  3. Untitled Beauty and the Beast Documentary

    Executive Producer


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