Katie Betian


Makeup Artist, Hairdresser and Wardrobe Artist

My name is Katie Betian and I was born and raised in Southern California, namely Los Angeles area (Pasadena).  I have been working as a makeup artist for the past 7 years in various mediums - TV, film, web series, editorial, weddings, commercials, theatre design.  I am also a licensed esthetician so I know what types of makeup and products to use on talent - depending on their individual needs.  I pride myself for being the "Mary Poppins" or the Girl Scout's answer to makeup artistry; I try to be as prepared for anything that comes my way as possibl.  I like working as a team to see that the project is efficiently completed.


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  1. on February 9 Scott Wenger

    I see you are speaking at the SD Filmmakers Group meeting next week. Congrats!

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