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Actor, Production Designer, Production Designer and Production Designer

Justin Christopher Little was born in Toronto,Canada and grew up in Terrace, British Columbia. His Great Grandfather George Little, was an early pioneer and founder of the town. Justin was born an identical twin with brother Jason and has an older sister, Lisa. He was first introduced to acting in his 8th grade drama class and from then on he was hooked, participating in drama all the way through high school. He felt an instant connection with acting, something he didn't find in sports or other clubs. Justin eventually moved to Toronto where he got a guest role on "Queer as Folk." He has always believed that, "through acting one can portray the life, personality and mind of anyone the imagination is capable of creating".


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  1. on July 12 Justin Little

    I am a San Diego ActorWriter. This year has been amazing thus far for my career. Looking forward to continuing this path collaborating with creative individuals. "Life Is A Stage..Death So Be The Final Curtain Call" Justin Little

  2. on July 12 Eva Pfaff

    Hey! Nice looking profile video. Where can one watch it?

  3. on July 15 Justin Little

    Thanks soon! Will keep you all posted..

  4. on August 12 JONNY LEWIS

    nice clip!

  5. on September 11 JONNY LEWIS


  6. on September 12 R Cain

    Thats great Justin.

  7. on September 24 Jabril Ashe

    Hey, just watched The Southern Question trailer. Superb acting my man.

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