Actor, Writer and Director

currently cast in 2 upcoming shorts to be shot in san diego---one through filmkin.
writing a suspense feature in spanish with a mexican co-author, to be shot in tijuana and mazatlán early next year.

acted in over 150 student and indie films in 10 years in NY and LA. won a best actor award for the first film i was ever in. wrote and shot 7 short films of my own. 

living and writing in tijuana since october 2010, but i cross the border regularly to act in SD and LA. hobbies are foreign languages and songwriting. i once played a russian mafia boss, with 4 scenes in russian. i am bilingual in spanish and have written 3 short films in spanish.

i lead a writers workshop in spanish in playas de tijuana.

i am SAG Fi-Core, which means i can work EITHER union or nonunion films.



Filmkin Credits

  1. M4M


    Linda Skeens of Balestra Entertainment

    M4M Vimeo Video

  2. Wandering Shadows

    Wandering Shadows

    TimeAxis Media

    Wandering Shadows Photo Gallery Wandering Shadows IndieGoGo Campaign Wandering Shadows YouTube Video Wandering Shadows Twitter Profile Wandering Shadows IMDB Profile



  1. on August 14 Randy Davison

    Funny scene Johnny! It reminded me of an encounter I had with a couple of Mormon missionaries who came to my door...they wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise!

  2. on August 21 LA LOPEZ

    i just ignore them is rude yes but what else you unless i tell the im satanic im not doe

  3. on August 21 JONNY LEWIS

    thanks, randy!

  4. on August 31 Jeffery Beach

    Will be in Kauai on that day! see you all next time.

  5. on March 25 Chris Badeaux

    Haha! Great delivery!

  6. on March 26 JONNY LEWIS

    thanks, chris!

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