jeffery durkin


Director and Producer

Jeff Durkin is founder of Breadtruck films- a San Diego based company which produces independent films and documentaries. We tell original stories, infuse design into our craft, and focus on the art of filmmaking for screens big and small. Winner of multiple film festival awards worldwide, Breadtruck stays small and humble so we can adapt the new changing landscape of cinema.

Filmkin Credits

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This filmmaker needs to apply to some projects!


  1. on September 23 jeffery durkin

    Hello filmkin world. Just starting work on an international doice creamentary, and looking to build a team. Give it a look and drop me a note if you would like more info., [email protected]

  2. on September 23 Scott Wenger

    Hi Jeffrey, create a project for your doice creamentary and select the positions available. Filmmakers will be able to check it out and apply for the specific position of their choosing. Welcome to Filmkin - Scott

  3. on September 26 JONNY LEWIS

    breadtruck sounds cool! best of luck, jeffery.

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