Jarod Bainbridge

Minor, Non-Union

Actor, Extra, Writer and Director

My name is Jaord Bainbridge, but my friends call me JJ.  I am 10 years old and have written 4 books which are available on Amazon.com (last 2 are ~60 page chapter books).  In 2011 I wrote, directed, casted, and starred in a 64 minute movie based on my 4th book which was shown on the big screen at the Poway Ultra Star as a fundraiser for my school (single showing).  To promote the fundraiser I appeared on KUSI Good Morning San Diego (live interview) and on Fox 5 San Diego (edited interview).

I have appeared in the local Poway newspaper as well as twice in the Poway 92064 magazine.  I was also recently interviewed for a Boys Life magazine headliner section that is expected to come out in the next 6 months.  I am a member of my elementary schools technology club which puts together monthly news videos for the school (club started as a project with one of the local high school students mentoring us kids for the first part of the year).  I have also been in several school plays.

I have a valid California Entertainment Work Permit.

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