Emily Pate


Actor, Singer, Voice Over and Dancer

I'm a hardworking and fearless actress who's always striving to create vivid, captivating characters. I have a penchant for comedic timing but love playing dramatic roles  as well. Check out some reviews of my previous work below and my actors access profile at http://resumes.actorsaccess.com/EmilyPate.

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Reviews of Emily Pate in The Vestige Group's Marisol:

Emily Pate brings a disarming vulnerability to the title character.                             
                                                                                            - The Austin Chronicle

Emily Pate serves as Marisol, the centerpiece for the events, and her combination of naïveté, sexiness, and doe-eyed optimism makes for a perfect contrast to many of the cut-throat, selfish

characters that appear throughout the play.

                                                                                            - Austin.com

Emily Pate's multifaceted portrayal of Marisol Perez combines childlike terror with warrior determination, in an urgency that progresses as the world she knew unravels around her.

                                                                                            - The Austinist

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