Dearin Crockett


Actor, Producer and Writer

Hi and thank you for visiting my page. I am looking forward to networking and collaborating with filmmakers on their next project.

Filmkin Credits

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This filmmaker needs to apply to some projects!



  1. on August 12 JONNY LEWIS

    "super bummed" shouldn't last long, considering the smile in your profile photo :)

  2. on September 28 Jordan Schaffner

    Hi Dearin,I heard you moved to LA. We will miss you at SD Filmmaker's Group.It's understandable if you moved to L.A. though. So many more filmmaking opportunities there.I hope you remember me. I went to the last volunteer meeting in Poway and if you recall, I phoned you and asked for a reference since I recently applied for a position with the CALPERS state of California as a Television Specialist. At the time, You agreed to provide that for me if they call. Since I may be going into a 2nd round of interviews on this job, I hope you will provide a positive reference for me as a volunteer, we discussed. If they have already called and you did so, I thank you very much. If not please do so. Hope you make it big in L.A. Thanks again!All the best!Jordan

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