Darrian Lorenzo



Hello, I am interested in collaborating with filmmakers and fellow actors.  I am fairly new to acting professionally but we all have to start somewhere. Please contact me if you'd like to call me in for an audition. Thanks!

                                                        DARRIAN LORENZO

                                                   [email protected]

Height: 6’4            

Weight: 220 lbs (Athletic)                                      

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black


Come Back, Little Sheba                  Milkman                  Community Actors Theatre 


Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!           Mike Pointer             Los Angeles, CA

Special Skills

Military Training: Special Forces, Navy Seal Training, Assault Weapons Training, Corrections Officer, Police Officer, CPR, Dance: Hip/Hop, Salsa. Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Mega, Weight Lifting, Cross Fit, Boxing, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track and Field, Kayaking, Personal Trainer, Motivator, Teacher, Coach, Communicator (Once Stopped A 120 man riot in a correctional housing unit), Businessman, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Husband, Dad, Left Handed. 

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This filmmaker needs to apply to some projects!


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