Alonzo Jackson



Hellooo there folks, Im Alonzo! Some folks call me Zo, some call me ActionMF and some just come up with a whole new nickname! In my free time I work out (no weights, all calisthenics), read, practice whatever lines I need to know and think about doing the homework thats due the next day lol. I'm always looking for more work to add to my resume and portfolio soooo ... yea thats about it! 

When it comes to acting I'm up for anything (anything thats not over the top) and my pursuit of an acting career has pushed me in to the world of modeling. Nothing wrong with learning it all right? I'm currently enrolled in Robert Wald Actors Studio and am training with Blew-Print Models, and a member of The Faultline Players acting troupe based in San Diego, CA.

SAG Eligible


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