1. Multiple Cities

    September 5th, 2012

    Filmkin is now available in every major city in the United States!

    With the recent update today, Filmkin enters the national view of filmmakers. Now, filmmakers and vendors from every major city and metropolitan area in the US can collaborate on projects together. This also brings a few new features that are worth looking at for a moment.

    My Locations. You can select up to 5 locations for your search capabilities on the site. This means that when finding projects and filmmakers, you will see all that live in the cities you call your own. For example, a filmmaker that works in both San Diego and Los Angeles can choose both cities in the My Locations area of the new home page sidebar. When searching for projects, both cities will be included in the search.

    Your profile will reside in your home city however, so others know where to find you. You can change your home city from the Edit Profile page in your account.

    New Home Page. Filmkin now has a home page that highlights whats new in your network. This should give you a quick summary of the state of your network.

    Bug fixes. We tuned the site during this latest release, dealing with some left overs from the previous release.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new Filmkin!

    - Scott
  2. Just added a LinkedIn share button to your profile... Click it!
  3. Just added a share button for Pinterest on your profile. Try it out!
  4. The post-production folks might appreciate this. Take your projects to the cloud with A Frame! A video production workflow system in your browser.
  5. You can now connect your blog to your Filmkin profile!
  6. Hope to see all our writers at the Filmkin Writers Group meeting tonight. See the conversation for details!
  7. New Features: IndieGoGo support for projects, Yelp ratings for vendors and more!
  8. The San Diego Film Festival starts tonight in downtown SD. We'll see you there!
  9. You can now recommend fellow filmmakers and vendors for the projects done together!

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