1. We have a zero tolerance policy for spamming members. Report any violations via the contact form. Thanks, Filmkin Team
  2. Twitter now requires your approval to show tweets on your profile. Edit your profiles and click the Connect to Twitter button!
  3. For the San Diego filmmakers, Video Gear is holding a lighting workshop on Wed, July 11th, 2012. http://conta.cc/MWa2vy
  4. Good luck to the 48HR Filmmakers! http://www.48hourfilm.com/
  5. Just added a LinkedIn share button to your profile... Click it!
  6. Just added a share button for Pinterest on your profile. Try it out!
  7. The post-production folks might appreciate this. Take your projects to the cloud with A Frame! A video production workflow system in your browser.
  8. What feature would you like to see on Filmkin?
  9. Have a safe and happy holidays! Thanks for making 2011 a great beginning for Filmkin!

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