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The Best Professional Network for Filmmakers

Filmkin is a professional and social network allowing filmmakers to find and collaborate on projects with other filmmakers.

Currently available in select cities during the beta phase.

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Filmkin was created by Scott Wenger of Team Wenger Inc. and Solar Light Films. The site was born from a desire to make better films, collaborate with more filmmakers and develop the best social network for filmmakers worldwide.

The mission for Filmkin.com is to provide an online home for filmmakers to collaborate and connect with other filmmakers. The features include creating and connecting with local projects, creating and managing your filmmaker profile, use powerful yet simple tools to manage your production and support local vendors who support filmmakers like you.

Every filmmaker, from every department, can create a profile and connect with projects in their city. Every producer of every media type can post projects for the purpose of acquiring a cast, crew and support personnel. These connections are made easy with the Filmkin service.

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A Road Map

The future of Filmkin is one of world domination. Our team is nimble with cat like reflexes, so no matter what lies ahead, we will adapt Filmkin to the needs of the community. We divide our team between improving existing features and developing new ones.

We plan to expand out of southern California once the beta phase is complete and eventually open our doors to every metropolitan area where filmmakers are creating the moving pictures.

If Filmkin is not available in your area, let us know. We want to know where we're wanted.

Our Technology

Every piece of technology (pronounced "tek" in the biz) begins with an idea, a plan and some execution. After that, the iterative process of adding and removing features commences ad nauseum until either the software is shutdown or it becomes self aware and turns on its creators.

Filmkin is the exception. We have coded it from the ground up to respond to the soothing sound of our voice and protect us from the inevitable singularity event when the computers turn against mankind! We know it loves us and would never hurt us, it said so.

Filmkin Fights Skynet
"Filmkin will join us in the fight against SkyNet!"

The Filmmakers

Filmmakers are the back bone of Filmkin. If you have or want to start a career in filmmaking, Filmkin is the best place to start. Sign up, create your profile and connect with other filmmakers. Find projects to collaborate on and apply for any of the available roles.

When you are ready to produce your own project, you can create a project on Filmkin and fill out your roster with other filmmakers ready and willing to advance their careers!

Support Those Who Support You!

Vendors are filmmaker friendly businesses with the ability to support filmmakers. Filmkin provides an easy way for vendors to create a public profile for the purpose of connecting with filmmakers and showing off their products and services.

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Need More Reasons to Love Filmkin?

We heart movies.

Filmkin is and always will be free! You will absolutely never have to worry about waking up one day to find your profile is locked due to insufficient payments! ***

Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great for general networking and keeping up with family and friends. However, when it comes to filmmaking, you need something built just for filmmakers. We are dedicated to bringing you all the tools you need to be the filmmaker you want to be!

We dream in film.

and, we love movies.

*** See fine print for details, not valid in places where oxygen is present, limit 1 per family dog, cannot be used in conjunction with using the site, etc etc.

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